Company offers a prototyping service, ranges from a development of electronic/mechanic schemes and drawing, manufacturing of the 1st and 2nd generation prototypes up to a small series production:


Embedded applications.

blocks, components and systems based on modern embedded microcontrollers, FPGA, DSP, analog and digital electronics.




Digital and communication interfaces.

development of interfaces to computer networks, PCs, and clouds; wired and wireless communication technologies.



Systems for remote measurements and environmental monitoring.

complex measurement systems for remote sensing in e.g. agricultural/forest industries, water and underwater resources.



Sensing applications.

using video, imaging, RADAR and LADAR as well other sensing technologies in different applications.



Mechatronic systems and system's integration.

integrated electronic/mechanic systems, e.g. in bio-medical, household or elderly applications.



Software development for embedded systems.

software running on-board of tiny devices.



Additionally to the developmental services, the company offers particular solutions for the following components:

PCB design.

Design of printed circuit boards, including routing, testing, 1st and 2nd generation tests from already existing electronic schemes.




Mechanical design.

e.g. design of packages, chassis, electro-mechanical structures.




Small series production.

Full-scale development, tests and manufacturing in small series up to 10 (100) devices.