Underwater electric field receiver and emitter


This device is capable of emitting and receiving electic field underwater, in fresh and sea (salt) water. The technology is used multiple reconfigurable dipoles for emitting and sensing channels, extremelly low-noise amplifiers with adjustable filters, high-performance embedded microcontrollers for data pre-processing. Device is connected with standard PC/laptop via USB for further data processing and control.


Main features:

Receiver part

  • high sensitivity of sensing channels, in range on nV/m
  • voltage mode sensing and current mode sensing
  • excellent signal/noise relation due to a high-resolution ADC and extremely low-noise amplifiers
  • capability of data fusion from several sensing electrodes
  • capability to store  the received signals in internal memory or to send to external PC/laptop
  • adjustable distance between receiving electrodes
  • adjustable number of receiving electrodes
  • purpose-specific geometrical form/shape of electrodes

Emitter part

  • programmable voltage output and DC offsets, -25 ... +25 Volts
  • current limiter for each dipole
  • high-resolution DAC for signal generation
  • capability of playing/generating arbitrary waveforms/signals
  • capability of emitting a stored signal from internal memory
  • adjustable distance between emitting electrodes
  • adjustable number of emitting electrodes
  • purpose-specific geometrical form/shape of electrodes



Application areas

This device can be produced in stationary or mobile versions and scalable in size of application: from laboratory experiments in small- and middle-size aquariums up to open-water applications.

  • performing biological experiments with electric fishes, parameters of emitting/receiving electronics can be adjusted to specific fish species
  • underwater short-range communication (high level software is not included) 
  • underwater short-range and middle-range localization (high-level software is not included)
  • suitable for OEM integration, e.g. on underwater robot platforms
  • stand-alone device for diverse underwater sensing purposes