E/H fields emitter


E/H module (EHM) is an emitter of low-frequency AC magnetic field, AC electric field and magnetic vector potential. It uses a multilayer structure of emitting elements (the number of layers is denoted by "Lx"), which provide a high efficiency at very small thickness. The minimal thickness is about 0.2mm. The magnetic field is radially homogeneous on the surface of the emitter. Electric and magnetic fields are orthogonally oriented to each other. Due to a specific structure of emitting elements, the main intensity of AC fields is concentrated on the surface of device. The intensity of field away from the emitter is rapidly decreased. This enables applications of the emitter for diverse biological experiments and biotechnological processes, where biological and biochemical samples are placed on the surface (e.g. Perti dish is placed on the top of the device), and there is no danger of EM emission for a personal away (about 15cm) from the device and no impact of EM emission on other devices. Due to small power consumption, the emitter can work in battery mode. There are four versions of modules: with right winding (R), with left winding (L), with opposite winding (O) and bifilar (B). The emitter is produced as a fully functional module with USB interface (USB) and as a module without integrated microcontroller (controlled via two or three PWM inputs).  





  • different standard sizes: 30mm (EHM3), 50mm (EHM5), 80mm (EHM8)
  • thickness: between 0.2mm (two layers without package) and 6mm (8 layers with plastic package)
  • maximal intensity of field measured on the surface of device:
    • AC H-field - up to 10 mT
    • AC E-field – up to 10kV/m
  • maximal intensity of AC E/H fields measured at 30cm away from the E/H surfaces of device approaches environmental EM noise
  • compliance with standards on EM compatibility
  • excellent resonance properties at low frequencies in the range of 100mHz-1kHz
  • integrated high-efficient boost converter and MOSFET drivers
  • low-frequency 15kHz-25kHz carrier frequency
  • (version  with microcontroller) fully integrated control algorithms with additional sensors and temperature control
  • (version  with microcontroller) powering via USB bus, no external power supply is necessary
  • vacuum-capable, tested with -0.1MPa
  • can be operated in heat-free mode or in  heat-producing mode



  • USB 2.0 interface with simple ASCII-based commands for setting intensity of E/H fields, temperature. Powering through USB bus
  • CMOS-level PWM-based control (I/O ports of any microcontroller), powering 0-38V from external power supply unit



  • biological and medical research on impact of weak E/H fields on plants, microorganisms, insects
  • biotechnological and biochemical processes, sensitive to AC E/H fields
  • magnetic stirrer (magnetic mixer) with magnetic stir bars
  • pre-sowing preparation of seeds (agricultural sector)
  • stimulation of plant growth (agricultural sector)
  • module for generating E/H environmental stressors
  • module for exploring macroscopic Aharonov-Bohm effect
  • module for integrating into other devices, which require AC E/H fields with exact resonance properties at low frequencies
  • actuator for autonomous devices, e.g. robots


See also the support page with setting PWM signals for EHMx-Lx module.