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CYBRES offers services related to precise measurements, sensor development, tests and certification in following areas:

  • measurements of weak and ultraweak impact factors of non-electromagnetic and non- thermal nature, especially for cosmetic products, fluids and organic polymers;
  • measurements of pathogen environmental impacts of geo- biological and technogen origin;
  • measurements of weak and ultraweak information interactions, especially for organic & biodynamic farming and wine production;
  • exploring experimental effects of quantum phenomena in macroscopic systems, replication of results;
  • exploring experimental effects of bio-hybrid systems, phytosensors, electrophysiological reactions of plants in natural ecosystems, especially for detection of pathogen environmental impacts;
  • performing technological and scientific expertise, tests and certification of corresponding products and services.


Examples of effects, products and services

Such products and services include diverse agricultural products (e.g. in organic & biodynamic farming), new generation of cosmetic products, active and passive generators (based on electromagnetic phenomena, the effect of shapes, rotations, opto-electronic, hydrodynamic, biological materials), activated materials (e.g., water, cosmetics or organic polymers), modulators (e.g., stickers on mobile phones or electric devices), devices for remote impact, and other similar devices or phenomena. In several cases such phenomena are associated with the magnetic vector potential (the electric/magnetic Aharonov-Bohm effect) or an appearance of quantum effects in macroscopic systems. Specific cases of pathogen environmental impacts refer to geo-biological and technogen areas/objects/constructions and their influence on biological organisms. Weak and ultraweak information interactions are primarily related to the 'imprinting effect' appeared in fluids, organic materials, cosmetic products or melts.   

Why tests and certification are needed?


if you are a manufacturer: if you are a natural person: if you are a researcher or developer:
  • confirmation from independent  laboratories that your products have the claimed effect;
  • measurement of biophysical effects and their intensity;
  • obtaining an international certificate.
  • measurement/confirmation of anomalous geo-biological properties of your environment (housing, food);
  • identifying your potential;
  • performing measurements/ expertise for authorities (e.g., courts).
  • assistance in developing technologies based on weak information interactions;
  • supporting your developments/ results by statistically significant measurements;
  • consultations for measuring/ impacting methodology.

Scientific grounding


Weak and ultraweak interaction is a generalized notion of certain, yet not fully understood, interaction in nature. In development are scientific theories towards weak electromagnetic interactions with certain biophysical effects, specific fields (e.g. Heim’s theory), modulated cosmic emission or quantum effects occurring in macroscopic systems. There is a controversial academic discussion about these phenomena. Many countries, such as Germany, United States, China and Soviet Union had large state programs aimed at the basic research and practical applications of these effects. Despite not fully understood theoretical principle, these emission/effects interact with matter. The caused changes are specific (e.g., only 75%-85% repeatability due to multiple influencing factors) and very small, however they can be measured with accurate biological, biochemical and physical approaches. These tests have been developed in the last 50 years and represent, among others, the result of massive government investments in research.

Which tests are performed?

About ten different measurement approaches published in international interdisciplinary journals of various authors/years are selected. Their general methodology, the used metrological analysis and units are published in IJUS in 2013/2014. All particular tests, their evaluation, statistics as well as the obtained results (in agreement with authors) are also published in this journal. This comprehensive analysis allows making an objective and statistically significant conclusion about presence/absence of the emission, and to characterize its intensity/modality in test objects. In some cases, a dependency on natural rhythms can be established.

Example of tests:

• the UV-VIS spectrometry
• the DC conductometric analysis (EMF/EDL tests)
• the high-frequency conductometry
• high resolution pH/dpH measurements
• the fermentation test (visual and pressure YFT)
• the germination (parametric) test
• the phase transition test
• the macrobiologic test based on homogenate
• tests based on statistical properties of quantum noise
• aftereffects and nonlocality tests

The selection of tests depends on particular requirements and can be changed. All tests are performed as blind (double blind) attempts. Statistical parameters are calculated and the statistical significance of results is indicated.

Who conducts the measurements?


Experts conducting these tests have an academic degree and multiple publications on the subject, which confirm their high qualification. It is guaranteed that all persons involved in measurements have an experience in performing unconventional research and have a deep understanding of its nature. The tests are conducted under the auspices of the Association of Unconventional Science in cooperation with the International Journal of Unconventional Science.



These tests are not performed when the considered technology requires tests on any vertebral organisms (ethic issues), or has a direct medical or pharmaceutical application (in classical sense). The tests also are not performed in case of doubts whether authors of devices/technologies comply with ethical principles or any laws.

Examples of published reports


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