Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Real-time, precise, low-noise measurement unit for
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy,
pH/conductivity/Redox/t measurements


The third-generation measurement unit MU EIS is a compact system for precise fluidic measurements such as Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), pH, conductivity and Redox with in-situ temperature measurements. Distinctive feature of this system is its capability to perform differential measurements with thermal stabilization of electronic system and fluidic samples. This enables measurements with extremely high precision. Due to used reconfigurable system-on-chip the measurement modes and number of channels can be flexible changed based on customer’s requirements. The integrated thermostatic system utilizes three-channel digital PID controller with multiple temperature sensors. The MU EIS is thermostabilized on PCB level. The system features internal 3D accelerometer/magnetometer, energy independent real-time clock and voltage sensors for monitoring operational conditions. There are I2C, CAN, UART, USB interfaces for out-board connectivity. All data are recorded in real time with time stamps and can be stored in the on-board flash memory or send to external devices. The module has a real-time operating system; control over the whole functionality or firmware update is possible via client program. The system is powered from the USB interface or from external 5-30V supply. MU EIS can be considered as universal reconfigurable analog front-end for automation control systems. Applications are precise industrial fluidic measurements, underwater robotics and differential fluidic meters in research/laboratory usage. MU EIS is provided in three-package versions: no-package version for OEM integration with waterproof option (on silicon molding basis), consumerable package, and industrial packages with different protection classes for rail assembling. The MU IES system requires external electrodes and should be calibrated to their parameters.



  • industrial fluidic measurement systems
  • low-level reconfigurable sensor/actuator processing boards for (underwater) robotic systems
  • precision analog front-end for professional automation control systems, diverse testing systems
  • experimental equipment providing thermo-stabilized conditions for fluidic and non-fluidic samples
  • technological systems/sensors that require long-term equal temperature/humidity conditions with thermal stabilization on PCB level 
  • precise measurements of electric/chemical parameters that depend on temperature
  • in-situ measurement of diverse biological and chemical parameters
  • phytosensing approaches
  • precise real-time long-term measurements with requirements on actuation a high level of autonomy
  • OEM measurement equipment




ARM cortex M3 MPU   up to 80 MHz
non-volatile flash memory 512 Mb
level of noise(1)   <1µV
sampling frequency, 12-24 bits  up to 1 Msps
consumed current(2)   5-50mA
accuracy of temperature stabilization(3)    0.02C
temperature resolution(4)   up to 0.001C
pH measurements    0,0-14,0pH 
differential pH resolution(5)    up to 10-5 pH
absolute pH accuracy  0.01pH, 0.001 pH
frequency spectra for EIS    10Hz-0.5Mhz
EIS analysis   Impedance, Phase
conductivity       0-200 mS/cm
conductivity analysis    µS/TDS (PPM)
Redox     0-2000mV
Redox resolution  up to 64nV
basic accuracy class(6)   0.5%, 0.1%

(1) Test conditions: battery power supply, all interfaces are off, MCU clock frequency 6Mhz, laboratory with a low level of environmental EM noise.
(2) It depends on the MCU clock frequency, number of connected sensors and the thermostat’s operating mode.
(3) This varies inside a volume of a thermo-insulating containers packages.
(4) This resolution is primarily defined by electronic noise, data are shown for the LM35 precision sensor (10mV/C with 64 nV ADC resolution).
(5) When using thermo-insulating containers with stabilized temperature.
(6) This depends on requirements, in-situ calibration capabilities and reconfiguration options, ask info@cybertronica.de.com for more information.